Having A NatteRR

Having A NatteRR - Series 2: Episode 13

May 13, 2020

Simon, David and Samuel are back with another episode of Having A NatteRR.

We've done quite a few of these now and given the feedback we've had, we think a more appropriate title might now be 'The Podcast That Just Won't Die'!

The case under review in this episode is the Employment Tribunal's decision in Weatherby v Amcrol Limited. This case involved a man who was sexually harassed by a female colleague, which the Respondent was found to be vicariously liable for. Because the Claimant had complained of harassment, the Respondent withdrew a potential alternative vacancy which the Claimant had expressed an interest in during a redundancy process. His dismissal therefore was found to amount to victimisation.

There is also a chat about a potential new television show which we all think could be a massive hit. You'll have to listen though to find out what it is (and then later discover that you've absolutely wasted your time....as usual!).

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